An essay about summer holidays

The summer holidays is a very favorite my holidays, because have a many time for sea.  On summer,  when hot dont want seat at home,  but want go to street.  Every weekends, I call my friends and we go on sea with parents. I like when go to sea eat ice cream.

I like holidays because the sun Rises early and сomes in later. The days is  long and night is short.  I like on holidays  log off on street and admire sunset. In the evening nicely take a walk on street and enjoy a warm air,  listen crickets and look on night starry sky. The holidays I spent playing different sporting game: football, volleyball.  I just walked and admired the beauty, how is blooming trees and flowers. Still I help my parents housework

On holidays I remember rain.   In the morning sun is shining and was very hot but after dinner quickly  have appeared a clouds, blow out strong wind and go to rain. Later have appeared big puddles.  In an hour the rain is finished and from clouds Peeped out the sun. Nearly All clouds disappeared on sky. Only big puddles and wet earth Reminded that was it. I was very struck by this natural phenomenon.

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